About us

Aarthi Diagnostics is clinical referral laboratory and offers all kind of diagnostic services at affordable cost, with quality being a labeled trace to services and cost effective approaches gaining more scope, in-house clinical tests in primary laboratories have become cynical. This subsequently encourages resorting to more advantageous uses of clinical referral laboratories. Moreover, the selection of a referral laboratory demands rigorous search based on its efficiency and competence in the field. Aarthi Diagnostics emerged on the lines of comprehensive diagnostic and preventive tests of the highest quality that has been rendering services, proving to be an epitome in this regard.

Catering predominantly to value based diagnostics at affordable costs, 100 percent of the center’s reports and samples are effectively used for major clinical treatments and surgeries proffering it a renowned reputation.

Aarthi Diagnostics is strengthened with distinct blend of well qualified pathologists, bio-chemists, micro-biologists and medical genetists, the centre furnishes a timely, quality based and dependable facility, modeling-out routine follow-up of customers with timely induction of technological innovation and techniques, and an efficient use of training and counseling.

Our functional departments are Haematology, Clinical pathology, Bio- chemistry, Endocrinology, Immunology, Micro-biology, Serology, Histopathology, Immuno-histo-chemistry, Molecular diagnostics, Genetics, Infectious diseases and Toxicology.

Though initiated its services in three decades ago, effectively involved in rendering services since 2009 and maintains the record of meeting statutory requirements of the NABL, ISO and other State and Central regulatory authorities.

Aarthi Diagnostics participates in External quality assessment schemes (EQAS) and frequent Internal quality control system (IQC) for guarantying precision in the testing results/reports.

Aarthi Diagnostics focus on all segments of diagnostics like B2B, B2C, Hospital Lab Management services (HLM), Corporate, Preventive and wellness care, Home diagnostics and Online diagnostics.

Aarthi Diagnostics is initiated three decades ago by the professionals from Medical and Healthcare industry to provide diagnostic services with main focus of quality and service. Preventive health care is considered as crucial need for rapidly growing population. Awareness of preventive health care in diagnostics area is lacking in our country. This trend leads our population unhealthy and overall slowdown of health care industry. Hence, aarthi diagnostics has initiated to create awareness in the area of preventive health care.

Since its beginning various Camps organised in the areas of preventive care diagnostics with our Associates at various locations of the country. Our preventive care packages and wellness program are designed to suite to the specific needs of the individual, family, groups and corporate. Our Associates-Service providers are renowned Labs, Scan centres, Hospitals accredited by ISO, NABL, CAP, NABH and hence the quality is ensured.